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Weatherproof Cover for Manual Wheelchairs

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This Weather Proof Cover for Manual Wheelchairs is constructed from 400-denier nylon with a urethane backing provides the highest level of protection from the elements for your wheelchair.


NOTE: The cover is not intended for highway use without using some securing device (i.e. rope or bungee cords) over the top of the cover. This will reduce the amount of excess room under the cover and prevent the cover from billowing up at high speeds. If your cover is flapping excessively at high speeds, the life of the cover will be greatly reduced. Damage caused by improper usage is not covered under warranty.


The cover will provide protection for your manual wheelchair from the weather and dust. Yet, it is lightweight and easy to get on and off!


Slip the cover over your vehicle and pull the elastic down under your chassis. Pull the cord lock so that it is tight around the bottom. For extra security, when transporting your vehicle on the back of your car or van, tie down the bottom by hooking bungee-type cords (not included) through the bottom belt loops.


Note 1: This is a Standard cover; you will have grommets with a draw cord and cord lock to tighten.

Note 2: Depending on your wheelchair model, cover may not fit over wheels.


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