Light Kit for Scooters and Power Chairs with 6 Lights and 2 Remotes

SKU: 10036

The all new LK100 Light Kit comes with 2 White and 2 Red Pod style LED Lights and 1 White and 1 Red LED Strip Light.


Each pod has 3 feet of power wire and each strip has 4 feet. This kit is easily installed by peel and stick with 3M adhesive and can be reinforced with screws if needed.


The beautiful waterproof, single color LED lights are ultra vibrant and serve many purposes. You will definitely be able to light your path and surroundings and also feel safe as you can

typically install white in the front and red in the rear of the chair.


The 6 light kit has 3 modes accessible with the 2 remote controls given. You will have the On / Flash / Fade and Off modes.

Full installation instructions are available as well as other options for setup if needed. Please contact us with any questions.

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