4 Key Dynamic Shark Joystick Remote for Power Chairs (DK-REMD01) Top View

4 Key Dynamic Shark Joystick Remote for Power Chairs (DK-REMD01)

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The Dynamic Shark joystick remote can be used with the Shoprider Streamer Sport and most Golden Technologies power chairs with the exception of the Alante DX and DX Junior. It also works with Jazzy, Merits, Pride, PaceSaver, and other brands of power chairs.


This DK-REMD01: 4 keys; basic drive controls only is the 4 key version of the Dynamic Shark joystick controller and can also be identified based on the model number of the joystick controller. The model number is identified on a small label on the bottom of the joystick controller, which is visible once it is disconnected from the cable.


The Dynamic Shark DK-REMD is a stylish and modern joystick remote that is simple to use. Key features include virtual speed pot technology, circular speedometer, and field replaceable bus cables.

The Dynamic Shark is called a "joystick remote" because it is used in conjunction with a separate Shark Power Module (Controller). See part # (DK-PMB40)


ActiveCare/Drive Medical: LPW182001 (standard OEM)


Golden Technologies: MBC-DYNSJ1 (standard OEM)

Merits Part Number for Merits Super Vision (P327) or Vision Sport (P326A): 64810013 (standard OEM)


PaceSaver: 82378 (standard OEM)


Pride Mobility:CTLDC1529


Shoprider Part Number for Streamer Sport: 8301-00200-06

(Cables are not included)

For Golden Technologies Compass chair, * The original Compass power chair used an A-series joystick controller that is no longer in production and is now unavailable.  If you purchase the 4-key Shark (DK-REMD01) - MBC-DYNSJ1 as a replacement, you will also need the 60 Amp DK-PMB60 Dynamic Shark Power Module (Controller), as well as a Dynamic Shark Bus Cable. 

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