Cupholder for Most Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs with Molded Armrests

SKU: 10174

When there is no accessible hardware, the hook and loop strapping system will allow you to mount a cupholder to the end of any armrest. 


Mounting Instructions:


1. Undo strap as it came in the package

2. Position the cupholder bracket under the front portion of the armrest.

3. Feed the hook portion of the strap through the "D" ring buckle.

4. Pull strap until tight.

5. Fasten the hook portion of the strap to the loop portion until secure.


This cupholder basket is connected to the cupholder mount by a push button. You can remove the basket by pressing in on the push button and pulling it up. To reconnect press in on the push button and push basket down until push button is reconnected to the mount.


NOTE 2: If your wheelchair has an off-set tube under the armrest pad or if your scooter has channel stock under the armrest pad use the enclosed block to help secure the cupholder bracket. Enjoy your drink on the go!

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