Attendant Joystick Module for VR2 Control Systems Main View

Attendant Joystick Module for VR2 Control Systems

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This Dual Attendant Module must be used in conjunction with a VR2 Joystick Module and Power Module.


Dual attendant option for VR2 control system with push button exchange of control between user and attendant.


Attendant control of seat actuators
Attendant control of maximum speed
Easy installation via push-fit connectors
Plug-and-Play - VR2 automatically detects the presence of Dual Attendant Module

Control is easily exchanged via a push button, and the attendant can limit the maximum speed of the chair to a comfortable walking pace. Control of up to two actuators is available when connected to a suitable VR2. This allows the attendant to alter the position of the seat without having to return control to the user. The mode of operation, selected actuator and speed setting are all clearly indicated to the attendant by extra bright LEDs. The attendant also receives audible feedback for each successful button actuation.

Upgrading the powerchair to enable Dual Attendant Control can be achieved without replacing the Power Module or the Joystick Module. Connect the Dual Attendant Module into the VR2 System and the operation will be instant.


Click here for the full VR2 Manual.

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