24" x 1" Black Sentinel Pneumatic Wheelchair Tire (Primo) Side View

24" x 1" Black Sentinel Pneumatic Wheelchair Tire (Primo)

SKU: 10126

24" x 1" Black Pneumatic Wheelchair Tire. Versatile, low rolling resistance and durable: the Primo Sentinel is a “no compromise” tire that combines the attributes of a high performing, lightweight tire, with the strength of a puncture-resistant tire.The combination of our dual layer nylon casing and a 3mm LDP anti-puncture insert creates our most advanced tire in the Primo Sentinel. Requires Inner Tube (Not Included). Sold Individually.


The insert prevents long-term debris accumulation with its high-rebound characteristics, while maintaining the integrity of a lighter rolling,longer lasting tire. These advancements strengthen the sidewall and surface of the tire, with our new  at-guard technology.The Primo Sentinel is a non-marking black tire with a grooved tread pattern that provides premium traction,while minimizing rolling resistance. It is available as a sleek, all black tire to provide maximum visibility.

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